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De Halm is the only cereal flakery in the Netherlands that produces organic breakfast cereals. We pioneered methods for processing organic grain and we have been producing cereal for more than forty years.

We use a unique, authentic production process based on taste and quality alongside transparency and sustainability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide everyone with the most delicious breakfast cereals, in perfect balance with health and sustainability.

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Private label

De Halm offers various solutions for private labels for our customers. We develop custom-made recipes or product lines for customers, or we can use our different types of packaging for your current recipes.

We process packaging from 50 grams to 500 kilos (big bags). We offer a wide assortment of cereal products ranging from single flakes to granolas.

Our products meet the highest quality standards. This is regularly verified by various certifying bodies. The certificates we have attained are listed below.

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A gluten-free diet obviously has its limitations. In most cases, people do not eat gluten-free by choice but by necessity. Luckily, our 100% gluten-free flakes, such as buckwheat, quinoa, rice, millet, maize and amaranth, and oat give you plenty of variation. Also, De Halm is one of the founder of the Dutch gluten-free oats chain.

We have a separate crushing line and stockroom to ensure that these products are and remain gluten-free. To make absolutely sure, every production batch is tested by an external laboratory. After passing through quality control, the flakes are placed in gluten-free packagings.

Oats do not naturally contain any gluten, but they can become contaminated by cereal crops in adjacent fields if harvesting and other agricultural equipment is not cleaned properly. Because (gluten-free) oats are very healthy, we believe that this merits additional attention and it is the reason why we co-founded the Dutch Gluten-free Oat Chain. In our role in the chain, we work on developing, advertising and making gluten-free oat products available.


Meesters van De Halm is the only Dutch organic muesli factory. We are the founders of the processing of organic grains; We have been processing grain from grain to end product for more than forty years.

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We at De Halm are open and stands for honesty and sustainability. Thats why your are always welcome to visit us. Would you like to see what hapens behind the scene? You are more than welcome! We would like to teach you more about crushing cereals and making the most delicious cereals. Contact us to talk about our possibilities!

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